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Filtration products

At the heart of our coolant systems is the filter attachment (TMF). This can be combined with different container sizes and forms the basis for your process. It is then possible to select the supply pumps and additional options such as valves, double switching filters, coolers, etc. based on the Interlit modular system. The next step is an interface design, mechanical and electrical, according to customer requirement and your coolant system is complete. 

Compact and flexible: 

Our TMF modular system. Your process is the deciding factor! 

Small and powerful – Our TMF300

The Interlit All-Rounder! The geometric optimization of the filter unit leads to increased dynamic pressure. This allows us to use standard heavy fleeces of up to 150g, which we seal securely at the sides. The best filtration results are thus achieved at high throughput rates. Whether floating chips from aluminum machining or very fine cast iron particles, the TMF300 offers a reliable filter process. All moving parts are easily accessible through maintenance openings, and even the fleece can be changed with minimal effort.

Filter capacity  up to 300l/min.
Filter medium  needle-punched fleece (150g)
Dimensions  865 x 715 x 708 mm (overall LxWxH)

El. equipment  400V, 50Hz (special voltages possible)

Would you like a little more? – Our TMF600

The same principle as our TMF300, just one size bigger! Even higher dynamic pressure and an increased filter surface results in higher throughput and even finer filter results.

Filter capacity  up to 600l/min.
Filter medium  needle-punched fleece (150g)
Dimensions 1363 x 802 x 868 mm (overall LxWxH)

El. equipment 400V, 50Hz (special voltages possible)  

Still not enough? – Our TMF-S

Very fine chips such as those produced by grinding can lead to problems in the filter process. Not with our TMF-S. The technology of our TMF is expanded and supplemented by a suction pump. The generated negative pressure leads to a higher throughput at the filter fleece. The resulting filter cake causes microfiltration which reliably separates the smallest particles.

Filter capacity up to 600l/min. (depending on pump design)
Filter medium  needle-punch fleece (150g)
Dimensions  1386 x 716 x 874 mm (overall LxWxH)

El. equipment  400V, 50Hz (special voltages possible) 

Filter fleece? No, thanks! – Our TMF-G 

Our TMF-G uses a mesh drum as filter element. Your advantage: No fleece, no fleece consumption, no fleece replacement! The filter surface of the mesh drum is cleaned by a rinsing nozzle via interval control. Scraper elements on the bottom of the housing remove the dirt particles to ensure continuous process.

Filter capacity  up to 300l/min.
Filter medium  mesh drum
Dimensions  1363 x 610 x 868 mm (overall LxWxH)

El. equipment  400V, 50Hz (special voltages possible) 

Already a bit older, but still up to date! – TUW and SUK 

Our vacuum drum (TUW) and our split-sieve separator (SUK) operate like the TMF-G without a filter fleece. The products date back to the time before our TMF and are still successfully operated in large quantities today. In the meantime, however, the more compact and flexible TMF is generally used. In individual cases, however, their continued application is appropriate even today. Contact us for more details.